Departments - Dermatology



Dermatology is bound to take care of the largest organ in the body - Skin. Skin diseases are very common and they tend to create a major impact on the life of individuals. The significance borne by Dermatological science today, is immense. Early, proper diagnosis along with the recent advancements in treatment, has resulted in the better control of skin diseases, thereby improving the patients’ quality of life. 

Scope of Service


  •  Skin tag removal
  •  Electrocauteric removal of warts
  •  Mole excision
  •  Corn excision
  •  Chemical cautery
  •  Nail surgeries
  •  Earlobe repair
  •  Itralesional injections for Keloid and alopecia


  •  Chemical peeling
  •  Comedone extraction
  •  PRP hair treatment
  •  Vampire facial
  •  Laser hair reduction
  •  Microneedling of acne scars
  •  Microblading of eyebrows and lips .