Departments - General Medicine

General Medicine

The Family Medicine department is zealously active in conducting academic activities including seminars, problem-based learning, case presentations, group discussions, OSCEs and the like, for the DNB Residents. Besides initiating many Health Awareness Classes on highly relevant topics, through print and social media, the department has undertaken many health programs for adolescents, as part of School and Adolescent Health Services.

Scope of Service
  •  Community activities like free health camps with preventive and curative services.
  •  Home Visits to provide personalized geriatric and home care.
  •  Advocacy against the use of tobacco,
  •  with involvement in the hospital’s anti-tobacco initiative known as ‘ATTACKK’
  •  Conducted ‘Gut Feelings’, a CME on Gastromedicine.
  •  Carried out paper presentations in State and National Conferences and published papers in reputed Journels.
General Medicine Clinic aims to provide high-quality and comprehensive services to patients with common medical problems such as hypertension, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart disease etc. Services offered include medical consultation, drug treatment, electro-cardiogram, lung function test etc.