Departments - Paediatrics




Children are cared for by trained intensive staff and a team managed by appropriate specialists and consultants from different specialties co-operating with the paediatricians. Effective treatment is provided for simple as well as complex diseases. The paediatricians are specially trained to treat cases of complicated health in newborns. The paediatrics department finely focuses on avoiding unnecessary medicines and preserving minimum medicines, which are absolutely necessary and appropriate for a particular disease. 

Scope of Service
  •  Handles bowel problems like Constipation
  •  Deals with Heart diseases, Brain diseases, etc.
  •  Intensive care of pediatric patients offered
  •  Breastfeeding support and proper weaning advice including follow up in growth development of
  •  babies 
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Gross development delay


  • Treatment for diseases like
  • Long-standing undiagnosed Fevers,
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Bloodborne diseases,
  • Malignancies,
  • Endocrine problems,
  • growth problems, pubertal problems,
  • Asthma, and other chest problems.