Departments - Orthopaedics


Scope of Service
  • Back pain(IVDP, Spondylitis etc)
  • Neck pain(Trapezitis, Spondylosis etc)
  • Elbow pain( Tennis elbow, Golfers elbow)
  • Shoulder pain( rotator cuff tear, Adhesive capsulitis etc)
  • Knee pain(OA knee, MCL Injury )
  • Post surgical rehabilitation
  • RC Repair, ACL reconstruction etc)
  • Post traumatic stiffness



  •  State of the art fracture management using AO Principles
  •  Complex fracture fixation of extremities using ordinary and anatomical plates
  •  Facility for Zero hour fixation of fractures
  •  All varieties of intramedullary interlocking nail fixation of fractures
  •  Minimal invasive fracture fixation
  •  Acetabular and Pelvic fracture fixation
  •  Spinal Trauma management with stabilization of fractures and dislocatio